Starter Kit

The starter kit is the recommended way to install Statamic Shopify.

The boilerplate not only installs and sets up the plugin for you but it also comes with a demo that is integrated with Shopify's Storefront API on the front-end. It's built with:

  • Tailwind CSS
  • ES6 JavaScript

Everything is completely customisable and should give you a running start to your project.

If you are looking to install the add-on to an existing project check out the getting started section.


git clone shopify
cd shopify
rm -rf .git
composer update
cp .env.example .env
php artisan key:generate

In short, this will:

  • clone the repository
  • delete the old .git info
  • install composer
  • copy the .env
  • generate a key for the application.

Create a User

Make a super user to access the control panel.

php please make:user

Publish the assets

yarn && yarn dev


That's it for getting the starter kit setup. For your next steps, you'll need to set up your Shopify app.

Enjoy :)

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