1.7.4 3/3/2022


  • Adds support for new apps generated via Shopify, these require the use of an Admin API Token rather than the Auth/Password combo. You can add this option by specifying SHOPIFY_ADMIN_TOKEN in your .env file.

1.7.3 2/3/2022


  • Fixed an issue with the localStorage values returning null on initial load of products. Please publish assets again. If you've modified the JS files, Please review PR #111 for changes you may need to make.

1.7.2 1/17/2022


  • Remove an issue with the async and await causing issues with the cart.

1.7.0 1/17/2022


  • Changed the way the checkout ID gets intitalised to prevent errors if the ID is cleared/not intialised properly. To get this change on an existing site, you'll need to update your JS or republish the JS. (See #103).
  • Fixed an issue with the delete webhook not properly removing files. (See #104).


  • Added the option to define a queue for the Shopify jobs. Defaults to default. If you'd like to set a unique process you can set a env variable of SHOPIFY_JOB_QUEUE. (See #95).

1.6.0 9/19/2021


  • Potentially Breaking:: Now imports inventory_management option for each variant to check if the product is out of stock. This allows for sale of products which aren't out of stock and only denies if the "track inventory" option is checked within Shopify. If, it's unchecked the system will believe that there is either "unlimited stock" or "you have manually adjusted". (See #89)

1.5.2 8/16/2021


  • Out of stock flag in product_variants now works if stock is negative/0 rather than just 0 (#81)

1.5.1 8/12/2021


  • Removing debugs and dumps (#78)

1.5.0 8/11/2021


  • Product variants that are out of stock are disabled by default in the option. You can manually control this by looping around variants and changing the output. (#70).
  • Products imported which are drafts or unpublished, are no longer marked as published in Statamic and will be set to draft. (#75).

1.4.3 8/11/2021


  • Products assigned to more than 250 collections would overwrite on pagination.
  • Smart collections now import alongside custom assigned collections. See #64.

1.3.6 5/17/2021


  • Adding compare_at_price for variants to check if on sale - you'll need to add this to your blueprint to be visible in the admin. #55


  • Fixing variant columns() null error due to variant blueprint being hidden. #51
  • Fixed ImportSingleProduct failing to find old variants and deleting them. #57
  • Updates to docs. #52. #49.

1.3.5 4/20/2021


  • Fixing variants getting deleted each sync causing overwrite. #45

1.3.4 4/14/2021


You can now override the taxonomies used in the CMS.

1.3.2 4/9/2021


  • Fixing ray() debug left in ImportJob. #40

1.3.1 4/9/2021


  • ProductVariant tag has been updated to give you multiple ways to interact with them.

    • product_variant:generate - outputs the html prerendered (default)

    • product_variant:loop - gives you access to variant data to use however you wish.

    • product_variant:by_title - lets you grab one variant by it's title.

    • product_variant:by_index - lets you grab one variant by index.


  • InStock, ProductVariant, and ProductPrice tag updated so you no longer need to define :product="slug" each time.

  • Updated theme files to reflect the tag changes.

1.3.0 4/5/2021

  • [New] Adds the ability to pull options names into an array field. (See Upgrade Guide). Ref #31.
  • [Update] Default variant now has the title 'Default' for single products rather than 'Default Title'
  • [Bug] Now removes old variants that are no longer present in Shopify. Fixes #32.
  • [Bug] Additional fields are no longer being overwritten on Products. Fixes #30.
  • [Bug] Fixes the way product tags/type/vendors import. No longer a mismatch.
  • [Bug] Fixes variant data would be overwritten if extended.

Upgrade Guide

If you want to display options/handle them on the site you need to update your Product.yaml blueprint in resources/blueprints/collections/products with the options field. Append the following. You're then free to hide it.

    handle: options
      mode: dynamic
      display: Options
      type: array
      icon: array
      listable: hidden

1.2.0 3/26/2021

The one about webhooks

  • [New] All webhooks have been given a name.
  • [New] Added a webhook for when a product is created in Shopify.
  • [New] Added a webhook for when a product is updated in Shopify

these two webhooks if utilised, should mean you don't have to run full imports after the first one.

  • [Fix] Incorrect name on Product Delete Webhook.
  • [Update] Product delete webhook now has a new path. See potentially breaking below.

Potentially breaking

WebHook endpoint for Product Deletion has changed from /!/statamic-shopify/webhook/product-deletion to /!/statamic-shopify/webhook/product/delete

1.1.3 3/22/2021

  • [Fix] Fixing error with cart.js when variants didn't have images.

1.1.2 3/17/2021

  • [Fix] Fixing error when no image is found for a product

1.1.1 3/15/2021

  • [New] Added lang array to config to overwrite some of the default text used in tags.
  • [New] Added option to product_variants tag to show out of stock in the select.
  • [New] Appends data-in-stock to each option in the variant loop to show if in/out of stock.

1.1.0 3/15/2021

  • [New] Added {{ in_stock :product="slug" }} tag to check if a product is in stock.
  • [New] Pulls in inventory_policy from the Shopify API for variants (You will need to sync again).
  • [New] Displays out of stock on {{ product_price }} tag if a policy exists and there is no stock.
  • [Update] Moved the Shopify Settings into Tools and branded it with the Shopify Bag icon.
  • [Fix] Product Price tag had been accidentally removed.

1.0.3 3/15/2021

  • [Fix] Fixing create a new product in Statamic throwing error.
  • [Fix] Styling on no variants found for products.
  • [Fix] Invalid namespace on Variant Action

1.0.2 3/13/2021

  • [Fix] Fixing tag foreach on null
  • [Fix] Fixing quick start link in placeholder

1.0.1 3/8/2021


  • Added a debounce handler and implemented it around the cart quantity JS.

1.0.0 3/6/2021

Public Release !

0.4.0 3/6/2021

Key Changes

  • Product Types renamed to Types
  • Product Tags renamed to tags
  • product_variant tag now accepts show_price="true" rather than currency=""
  • Massively cleaned up the default theme files.


  • [New] Added product_price tag to show the price on the product overview page.
  • [New] Added trait to extend to check if has product variants.
  • [New] You can now pass class to the product_variant tag to style the select
  • [New] Config now has option for currency - defaults to £.

0.3.0 3/5/2021


  • Docs have been updated with more relevant information that hopefully clears a few things up.


  • Removed the compile scripts as it didn't make sense.

0.2.6 3/5/2021

0.2.0 3/4/2021


  • Added in a way to check for qty changes on the cart screen.
  • Tag for loading product variants with default settings.
  • JavaScript can now be included compiled (with the theme) or modular for you to customise.


  • Completely rewrote the front end JavaScript so it's modular and you can import it at your will. Publishes to resources/js/vendor/shopify.
  • Updated tag for loading in compiled js. {{ shopify_scripts }}
  • Service provider no longer publishes everything on install.

0.1.2 3/4/2021


  • Added trait for importing all products
  • Added webhook for when a product is deleted


  • Fixing large data set imports